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Signature Collection

Flat tea bags cannot contain big leaf tea, so instead what you normally get is Fannings or Dust, generally considered the lowest grade of tea. But the most precious teas in the world demand the most advanced tea bags. Our pyramid bag’s fine-mesh material allows water to flow freely so that the leaves have plenty of room to infuse and release all their goodness.

Each Box holds 15 pyramid tea bags, 100% biodegradable and individually wrapped in the highest-grade barrier material available to ensure freshness and a long shelf life. Each metal-look envelope is decorated with the same colorful icon shown on the box.

Salus X Aquam

A collection of SPA blends, loaded with the best herbs, flower petals, roots, fruit pieces, and tea leaves the world has to offer:


Each box contains 15 100% biodegradable pyramid tea bags.

whole leaf tea,
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Signature Collection

Our Metal Tin collection is a hit in every specialty food store, and will be a great success with your customers as well. This designer canisters are made of sandblasted metal giving them a modern and stylish look.

Whether you own or manage a specialty food retail establishment, or simply would like to entice your customers with a special impulse purchase, our Metal Tin Collection is an exceptional addition to your offer.

Salus X Aquam

Developed in conjunction with one of Italy’s historic medicinal herbs purveyor, this collection of SPA blends is a true concentrate of medicinal herbs and roots, green teas, fruit pieces, citru peel flower and petals, each with a specific effect on your health and wellness.
Each tin of Salus X Aquam DETOX, RELAX, DIGESTIVE, and REGULATITY holds 1.76oz (50grams) of loose-leaf wellness.

Find Your Oasis of Calm with Salus X Aquam.

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at an unbeatable price

Loose Tea Doipacks

Our selection of premium leaf teas in new and convenient stand-up Doipack bags. Each pouch is resealable with a ZIP-lock, and contains 3.5/2.8/1.76 oz (100/80/50 g) of premium tea leafs, offering an unbeatable price/quality ratio.

The bag is made of the highest performing full barrier material available, especially designed to keep moisture, odors, humidity and excessive heat away, so that tea stays fresher, longer.

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Point Of Sale Material

Choose from a selection of dedicated solutions and point-of-sale instruments that educate your clients and stimulate sales. Make your retail establishment a destination point for your customers and see sales increase as they get to touch, smell, and taste our products....