Everyday Luxury, in a tea bag

Tea Bag Boxes

Premium whole leaf tea is the fastest growing segment of the tea market, and customers are willing to pay more for premium whole leaf tea. Blend Tea pyramid bags are portion-controlled to save your staff time, and are wrapped in beautiful pouches to provide that wow factor for your customers. Easy to use, hygienic (even in a self service setting), they are individually wrapped in the best 3-ply material available (and not in simple PE bags), for unparalleled shelf life and freshness.
Blend Tea offers an extensive range of teas and signature blends to tempt and satisfy all your customers (including organic and kosher certified).

Tea Bag Boxes

The same range of tea blends, packed in the same 100% biodegradable pyramid bags, and with the same premium leaf-teas, packed in a space-saving (and budget friendly) bulk carton.
Each box contains 100 pyramid bags, individually wrapped in the best 3-ply material available (and not in simple PE bags), for unparalleled shelf life and freshness.
The tea bags are ultrasonically sealed, so there is no chance that the tea’s flavor is contaminated by any residual taste of paper, glue, bleach, metal staples, or cotton.

the timeless ritual of tea time

Metal Tins

Our designer metal canisters bring fresh tea leaves from the garden to your cup, and to your customer's cups.
There's something special about serving your guests  a cup prepared with loose leaf tea, it's the magic of a timeless ritual that has been performed millions of times in countless places across the globe, for more than five thousand years.

The modern and stylish look of our tins is sure to make an impact, so much so that many customers might chose to buy one to take home when they leave.


Our selection of premium leaf teas at the best price possible. The convenient pouches are resealable and the special material keeps moisture, odors, humidity and excessive heat away so the tea stays fresher, longer.

If you have a reasonably high rotation in your establishment, but still have enough time to prepare your customer's cuppa (and clean after service), then you are looking at the most  budget-friendly alternative possible.
We pack our doipacks with the same premium teas we put in our metal tins and our premium tea bags: the only difference is your improved margins!

Convenience and elegance 


From traditional presentation tools like our wooden box that holds up to 90 tea bags, to our new display/dispenser that holds up to 160 bags and makes it easier to organize, present and pick the tea you want. We strive to make your life easier and your customer's day a little bit happier.