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Tea is What We're All About!

Who We Are

About Blend Tea

Blend Tea was born out of the passion for "real" leaf tea and from the desire to infuse new life into this ancient beverage. 
We are obsessed about the research for top quality origin teas: that's why We develop personal relationships with our suppliers, and every year we taste hundreds of teas to choose the best ones for you.
Our teas have an elegant and vivacious taste, yield a brilliant liquor and leave a persistent taste in your mouth. This result can only be obtained by using the best tea leaves, herbs, fruits, aromas and flowers the world has to offer.

It All Started...

Founded on the shores of Lake Maggiore, between Northern Italy and Switzerland, Blend Tea has been my life's work. Though I enjoy a nice cup of espresso, my passion has always been tea, its taste, its history and its unique health properties. I wanted to introduce an Italian sense of taste to the world of tea, and develop blends that could be enjoyed alone or combined with dishes of all kinds.

Not a million types of teas, just the ones that make a difference.

Sara Bresciani

Where We Are

Always Close To You

We are sold globally in top-tier gourmet stores, specialty food shops, department stores, cafes, restaurants, hotels, and SPAs.

In the U.S., we are distributed by L'Espresso Group, located in the NY area and serving all 50 states.