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Fruit Water - no caffeine
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15 pyramid infusers, individually wrapped
Apple Pieces, Cranberry, Hibiscus 

Our infusers are biodegradable and compostable. They are individually sealed in total barrier envelopes, for unsurpassed freshness and shelf life. Our Cranberry is Kosher . Explore all teas in this collection.


From the northern European tradition of fruit teas we have taken this recipe that blends the fruity and tangy taste of American cranberry to the sweetness of the apple, and the tangyness of the hibiscus. Delicious hot or cold and absolutely caffeine free!


apple pieces



tasting notes


Fruity and sweet, with hints of red berries.


Mixture of apple and cranberry in pieces, with hibiscus petals. Clear pink liquor.


In the mouth it is light and fruity, with very restrained acidity. The sweet notes of red berries give body to the mixture and the slight astringency of hibiscus prepare the palate for the next sip.


Excellent on its own, or paired with rich desserts such as a white chocolate cheesecake.


250ml of fresh water (filtered if necessary)
water temperature 90̊ C
infusion time, 5 minutes
no caffeine
may be consumed anytime, day or night


Fruit Waters are a mixture of fruit cubes (often apples), herbs and flowers. They are caffeine free and are perfectly suited for adults and children alike. They can be served hot or cold, day or night.

nutritional values

for 1g of tea in 100ml of water

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