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Metal Tin Collection

It's always nice to receive a gift, especially if it's unexpected, if it comes from far away. Inside our gift boxes you will find traditions, culture and emotions.
It's a way to travel to distant places, and taste their culture. Tea is all this and much more!

The Imperial Collection includes some of the most sought after and prestigious origin teas of the world. From handcrafted teas, to Grand Crus of India and Sri Lanka, to favorite teas of Chinese emperors of the past; these masterpieces will satisfy even the most discerning connoisseurs. Read More >>

The right cup of tea enhances the tasting experience in the same manner that the right glass can enhance the taste perception of a particular wine. Tea accessories are beautiful objects but tea after 5000 years of development, they are also very useful!

Our selection of leaf tea offered in convenient Doipack refills! Each pouch is resealable with a Ziplock and offers an unbeatable price/quality ratio. The special 3-ply material keeps the tea leaves fresh and protects them from moisture, light, odors, and excessive heat.

Do you have a Tea Shop, a restaurant, a cafe, or you simply want to set up a corner in your shop? Discover our tailor-made solutions!
Our wholesale customers already include leading hotels, spas, restaurants, shops, specialty foods, cafes and bars

Fruit Waters like our Sweet Almond are tasty and refreshing alternative to tea, with the advantage of being naturally caffeine-free.
Our blends are made with apple pieces, berries, spices, or other fruits. Perfect for the evening or prepared ice-cold during summer.

A tasty alternative to the usual cocktail: discover some drink recipes prepared with tea and famous liquors, or try new alchemies with your favorite ingredients!

There are dozens of recipes for both hot winter drinks, and refreshing on the rocks summer drinks. Read More >>

The uncertain origins of tea are lost in the mists of time, between the borders of India and China.

They are found in countless legends which elevate tea to an exceptional spiritual and medicinal drink; a gift from the Gods.

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